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3 TonDouble Scissor In-ground Lift

• Ready to use directly out of the box.
• Low profile extendable platform design, for a wide range of service.
• Electric looking system.

Product Parameters




3 Ton

Min Ground Clearance

110 mm

Max Ground Clearance

1000 mm

Rise Time

30 sec.

 Drop Time

 25 sec.

Power of Moter

2.2 kw

Power of Supply

380V / 220V

Tabel  Length

1420 mm

Tabel  Width

460 mm

Package Size 1#

1960x1950x190 mm

Package Size 2#



470/480 kgs


22 PCS

Common Problems And Solutions

Sequence of Lockout Procedure
1) Notify all affected employees that a lockout is being performed for servicing or maintenance and that the lift must be shut down and locked out to perform the servicing or maintenance
2) Unload the subject lift (remove vehicle). Shut it down and assure the disconnect switch is "OFF" if one is provided on the lift.
3) The authorized lockout person operates the main energy isolation device removing power to the lift being taken out of service. Stored or residual energy (such as capacitors, springs, elevated machine members, hydraulic systems, air, or etc.) must be dissipated or restrained by methods such as grounding, repositioning, blocking, bleeding down, etc.
If this is a lockable device, the authorized lockout person places the assigned padlock on the device to prevent its unintentional reactivation. An appropriate tag is applied stating the person's name, at least 3" x 6" in size, an easily noticeably color, and states not to operate device or remove tag. If this device is a non-lockable circuit breaker or fuse, replace circuit with a "dummy" device and tag it appropriately as mentioned above.
4) Ensure that the equipment is disconnected from the energy sources' by first checking that no personnel are exposed, then verify the isolation of the equipment by operating the push button or other normal operating controls' or by testing to make certain the equipment will not operate. . Be sure to return any switches to the "OFF" position.
5) The equipment is now locked out and ready for the required maintenance or service.
Restoring Equipment to Service
1) Check the lift and the immediate area around the lift to ensure that nonessential items have been removed (clear all tools, vehicles and personnel) and that the completion of all lift components are operationally intact.
2) The authorized person can now remove the lock (or dummy circuit breaker or fuse) and tag. Activate the energy isolating device so that the lift may again be placed into operation.

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