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Max 197” Lithium Battery Electric Forklift 5500 lbs FB25R

Improved efficiency most popular H type driving axle,optimized structure layout and improvedefficiency.
Multifunctional display with using time,fault code,battery status,forklift running information.
AC driving motor without brush,free of maintenance;low electric current,silent driving.
Steering circuit preference,to ensure safety in every turn when steering and lifting in the same time,and to save energy.
Adjustable steering wheel column,the driver can adjust the position according to his need.
  • FB25R


Capacity Q(lbs) 5500
Max.lift height h3(inch) 197.0

Wheelbase Y(inch) 58.3
Height,mast lowered h1(inch) 91.0
Height,mast extended h4(inch) 238.0
Height of overhead guard h6(inch) 82.7
Height of traction bolt h10(inch) 10.2
Overall length l1(inch) 130.0
Length of face of forks l2(inch) 88.2
Overall width b1(inch) 47.0
Fork dimensions s/e/l(inch) 1.6/4.7/42.0
Aisle for pallet 1000x1200crossways Ast(inch) 145.7
Aisle for pallet 800x1200 lengthways Ast(inch) 153.5
Turning radius Wa(inch) 86.0
Travel speed,laden/unladen Km/h 12.0/13.0
Lifting speed, laden/unladen inch/s 10.2/11.8
Lowering speed,laden/unladen inch/s 14.2/16.5
Battery voltage V/Ah 48/450
Truck weight lbs 7716

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